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Are you a tradeswoman who wants to get connected to our growing community, and stay up to date on opportunities for training, volunteering, and jobs? Join the Tradeswomen NI Network by completing the form below then head over to our Facebook group to join the conversation. 

In order to develop the tools and resources to support you in building your rewarding trades career, we need to know a few things about you first, such as where you live, what kind of work you do, and what you want to do as a tradeswoman. Joining our network is how you can be counted as a tradeswoman in our province!

Your information is confidential and will not be shared with other organisations without your consent. 

Due to the demands women typically have on their time, online communities are crucial for providing women in trades with the mentorship, support, and access to resources and information that they need to build successful and rewarding careers.

Tradeswomen NI have established a private networking group on Facebook which has recently been launched. 

By bringing together women in trades in Northern Ireland, we can help build a resilient and supportive network of tradeswomen across the province.

We know that one of the major influences on girls decided on their career path is having positive role models. By joining our network, you will have the opportunity to share your experiences with school-age girls who are considering their career options.

The #NotJustForBoys programme aims to challenge misconceptions and to encourage females to consider opportunities in sectors that offer flexibility and wider career choices. It also aims to increase awareness amongst young females of the wide array of career opportunities available to them in sectors where women are typically underrepresented, such as construction or IT. 

WOMEN’STEC frequently has opportunities for tradeswomen in our network to volunteer in their communities! Examples of the types of events we have participated in in the past include:

  • Demonstrating trades at taster sessions
  • Presenting at careers events for girls
  • Using skills to create projects

If any of these sounds appealing to you, please contact patricia.fleming@womenstec.org to get involved.

Tradeswomen NI is planning to coordinate training for tradeswomen in different fields. The benefits of learning in a group made up exclusively of other women in the trades include

  • having a common set of barriers to learning that need to be addressed
  • the sense of instant comradery among women who are used to being in the minority in a professional setting
  • less harmful gender stereotyping affecting learning outcomes

 Some examples of the training that we are planning include:

  • Leadership workshop
  • Facilitator training
  • Women’s Occupational Health and Safety
  • Prevention of Bullying, Harassment and Violence
  • Mental Health First Aid

If you are interested in learning about these topics, or have another idea for training that would benefit tradeswomen, please contact helen.kerr@womenstec.org

Why have tradeswomen meetups?

  • Tradeswomen are often socially isolated at work, and getting together with other tradeswomen can reduce those feelings
  • Tradeswomen often think the challenges they face are unique, and at a meet up they can learn that others have been there too
  • Meet ups are a way of providing the informal mentorship that is vital to success in any industry:
    • Leads on jobs
    • Where to find tools and resources
    • How to solve specific problems
    • Opportunities for learning and volunteering

We are planning quarterly meetups, including online meet ups via Zoom. Please see our events listings below for details. If you would like support and resources for establishing your own local tradeswomen meet up, please contact us at info@womenstec.org

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We can provide supports, training, and employment matching in the skilled trades industry for eligible women.

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Working with our male allies in the industry and community to create a welcoming, healthy and safe culture in the skilled trades.

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