Success Story: Elaine

Elaine has been a student and volunteer for WOMEN’STEC. This is her success story in her own words.

Having undergone the volunteer training course which ran at WOMEN’STEC, I helped as a volunteer at a number of different events held by the organisation.

The process of training as a volunteer and helping with the facilitation of courses and events gave me massive confidence in my forgotten abilities to take on new challenges, to put myself out there and try things I might find daunting on face value.

With the support of WOMEN’STEC and with their confidence in me and my abilities, I have since taken on a new challenge in my own personal life and have found full-time employment.

This new job is located in Cork and without the confidence afforded to me by my experiences here at WOMEN’STEC, I honestly feel I may not have felt prepared to take this opportunity when it offered itself to me.

I couldn’t more highly recommend volunteering with WOMEN’STEC or getting involved in any way! I hope this community continues to thrive and support each other and the women, young and old, of Northern Ireland.

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