Lynn Carvill, CEO

Lynn Carvill, CEO

One of the most powerful experiences a woman will have throughout her life is one of community with other women. From the moment we are born, we surround ourselves with women who help build us up and support us in times of need.

At WOMEN’STEC, it is this community that we place at the core of everything we do.

Our mission is to allow women the time and space to develop their confidence, their self-efficacy and their wellbeing so that they can take on new challenges, in their personal lives, their education and their careers.

By providing this holistic approach, we have not only become a place of support and growth for the women in our community, we are also providing a safe space for women to explore skills they might never have tried before, skills such as carpentry, plumbing, tiling or electrics.

We are proud to be the largest training provider for women in these skills in Northern Ireland, and we are even prouder to be at the core of our community of women.

Student Feedback

Going to WOMEN'STEC has improved my life dramatically. I have so much more confidence, social skills, gained some qualifications and learned new skills that will enable me to do things about my home. I have made some new lifeLong friends. All Thanks to the staff who have been so welcoming and very helpful.

I absolutely loved the carpentry course I did. Not only was it amazing in getting me out of the house, increasing my self esteem and learning new and relevant skills, they looked after my little one too so I could really focus on what I was doing. I think the team do a fantastic job and the service is invaluable to the women they help! Thank you so much.

WOMEN'STEC helped me immensely through a very stressful and anxious time in my life. The staff are fantastic, the fact that childcare is free and available while I was studying was essential and an extra added bonus as I wouldn't have been able to complete the course without this.

The Numbers

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Case Studies

Our Impact

Time 4 Me Programme

Chelsea and Sarah are both young, single mums from North Belfast. The friends heard about the programme through WOMEN'STEC's social media and started attending together in 2019. They love the fact that they can drop their children off our on-site creche and describe the childcare provision as 'an absolute lifeline'. "I don't know what I would have done if I hadn't been able to come to WOMEN'STEC and get some time to myself. It's brilliant being able to drop the kids off into creche at the same place. I don't worry as much because I know I'm nearby. I've learned lots of new things, but I think carpentry was my favourite. I was really proud that I built something from scratch myself. It was really therapeutic."

Our Impact

PROUD Programme

One of our students said: "If it wasn't for this programme I never would have visited places like the Orange Heritage Centre. I learned a lot from this and it helped me understand why their culture is so important to them. It opened my eyes a bit. I loved learning about history and the the Suffrage workshop was brilliant. The mosaics class was was great for getting to know people and we talked a lot and got very close. One of the women's husband had died and she had no one to go on holiday with so she came with us to Sligo and now we are firm friends. We hadn't met before the programme. It was great to be involved with such a diverse group in a safe environment where we felt safe to give our opinions and were happy to listen to others.


#NotJustForBoys is our targeted programme to challenge misconceptions and to encourage girls to consider opportunities in sectors that offer flexibility and wider career choices.

Young Women Engaged
Work Placement Filled
Apprenticeship Facilitated

Case Study

Our Impact

Shannon's Story

Shannon came to WOMEN’STEC for help in securing a plumbing apprenticeship in December 2019. Her initial placement with a small plumbing firm had been ended abruptly just a few months in, and Shannon had to make over 100 calls trying to find an alternative. All these calls were unsuccessful, with many firms assuming she was a boy, or saying she was too late to start with them as they only took apprentices at the beginning of their studies. Finally she contacted WOMEN’STEC for assistance, and we were able to place her with the Housing Executive Northern Ireland. She made a successful start with the team there, and has been supported by colleagues across the department, who she sees as a new family. She has also enjoyed meeting her new clients, who are enjoying seeing a woman learning a trade.