The  #NotJustForBoys programme is a new, exciting and innovative programme, in partnership with CITB-NI, targeted at young schoolgirls who are not pursuing an academic route post-GCSE and are perhaps more directed towards gender-traditional careers such as hair, beauty and nails.

The programme works in partnership with schools and youth organisations, further education colleges, training organisations and the construction industry, to heighten awareness of the huge range of ‘non-traditional’ careers available and provide a seamless and supported pathway for girls from disadvantaged areas to move into these well-paid jobs.

#NotJustForBoys also supports the industry in engaging with females to improve diversity and inclusion and supports the challenge of meeting a lack of skills available within the industry to meet the current and future demand.

The programme aims to broaden participants’ horizons in terms of career opportunities, by providing awareness of the opportunities which exist in non-traditional careers to women, such as those within the construction industry. The programme outcomes include:

  • Increase awareness of the career opportunities for young females within the construction industry
  • Engage young females who may not necessarily move into traditional academic pathways and provide alternative career pathways
  • Provide young females with an insight into the construction industry
  • Improve workforce diversity within the construction industry
  • Improve confidence and motivation amongst young women to prepare them for future employment/careers
  • Support young females who wish to begin their journey towards a career in construction

For full details on the #NotJustForBoys programme and how you can get involved, please click here.