#FutureFridays: Connect4Women

We’re so excited to be planning Connect4Women – our brand new partnership project with Shankill Women’s Centre and GLOW (Giving Life Opportunities to Women) – which will start later this year.

Connect4Women will bring the very best of all three organisations together into one programme. It will provide around 60 women per year the opportunity to think about what success means to them, and will help them achieve that success.

WOMEN’STEC is already well known for its practical trades courses, Shankill Women’s Centre will provide GCSE and essential skills courses and GLOW will provide a personal development programme. And it doesn’t stop there, the courses will be complemented by workshops on health, nutrition, managing finances and much, much more.

Students will be guided along the way by a mentor from one of the partners. Mentors will provide guidance on what workshops or courses are likely to suit best and when, and agree a plan of action.

Recruitment for this exciting programme will start towards the summer time, so if you are of working age and have a personal or career goal you want to achieve, this programme might be the one for you!

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